Allistair Verschoor knows Property Management well and has worked as Sales Manager for a large property management company in Wellingtons’ northern suburbs for several years.

Building strong relationships within the property management industry has been a key focus in Alistair’s approach and the result has brought success to his many clients, both small and large investors alike.

Focusing on client servicing and a win-win process for all parties involved, Allistair brings a professional outlook to property management.

Having owned several businesses in the service industry has highlighted to Allistair the need for forming a long-lasting relationship where a high level of trust is formed.

The results that our clients get means their net wealth increases over time, and faster than a property owner that manages their properties on their own. Freeing up valuable time means owners that have their property managed gives them more time to concentrate on profitable actions such as finding new properties to add to their portfolio.

Allistair has been married to Irene for over 25 years. Along with grand children this means a busy and satisfying home life. During his spare time Allistair spends his time renovating and adding value to his property portfolio, practicing what he passes on to clients. Whatever time is left after family and working on property Allistair has a keen interest in New Zealand military history, leading to a Bachelor of Arts from Massey University with a double major in Defence Studies and History.